Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day 9 Feedback from students

Students now have their laptops.

Today I collected feedback on two questions ...  

Me to Unit 1 A Day Feedback
Welcome to September 9 discussion group. In preparation for our test, please comment on the skills that you are most comfortable with in this unit. Feel free to comment on others' posts as well ...

Me to Unit 1 A Day Feedback
Does watching a video for homework to prep for the next class help you?

Students feedback ... 

Group Posts
I live the idea of watching a video at home. It helps me understand better in class!

I really like the videos we watch for homework. I feel like they teach me the basic concept of the lesson, so I can spend more time in class doing actual problem. I feel comfortable with everything we've learned in class so far.

I like the vidoes for HW they make understanding the math easier I just dont like how long some are. They consume to much of the little time I have.

I'm most comfortable with using a,h, and k to transform a function, and I feel the videos are helpful at times when im stuck, but notes taken in class I tend to take a lot more out of.

I am comfortable with transforming functions and I really enjoy watching the videos because if I don't understand the material we are learning, I can always pause it or go back and rewatch the part I don't understand.

I am comfortable with functions and transforming them. I find the homework videos very helpful.

I am most comfortable with "move the monster" and transforming functions. I find it helpful to watch the videos before class to review.

I believe that my strong suits are transforming functions, and reviewing the lessons for next class before are very helpful

I am pretty comfortable with transferring functions and identifying parent functions. I find the videos helpful but I like it when they are short and to the point. Lauren Combs 2nd period

I am comfortable with functions and I like HW videos.

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