Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 126 & 127: Equations, Circuit, and Test

Today we wrapped up our 2 days on Log Properties.

First we did a few True False questions to warm-up from the previous lesson.  When students got to #4, they asked me did I intend for there to be parentheses on the right side.  I love it when students find my typos - because it means they are thinking about the math!

Next we solved a few equations so that we could pull together all we know about properties, the relationships between logs and exponentials, and our solving skills.

Then as a final review for the test, we completed a circuit on expanding and condensing logs.  I should have hung closer to students with a notepad in hand to take down their conversations.  One definite joy in my work is listening to students explain math to their peers.  Circuits provide that  opportunity and are self-checking!

I traded students' work on circuits for a test ... a very short straightforward test on properties.

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