Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 41: Absolute Value Discover Discuss

I'm coining my strategy ... Discover & Discuss.  Day B students are working on the Absolute Value Introductory lesson described here, there, and here again.

I discovered yesterday in working with my A Day students that embedding discussion points along the way helps students to grasp the full meaning, purpose, expectation in the exploration activity.

So today I set the timer repeatedly for 8 minutes.  Students worked for 8 minutes then we shared what we had done and discussed the main ideas.  The day flowed well.

At the end of class, students had developed a definition for absolute value, reviewed their calculator skills for entering data, graphing data, and finding a linear regression equation.  (The linear regression was not really needed.  Students could find the equations of the lines we were working with today easily).

Students also used a Google spreadsheet, sorted data, used a function, and created a graph.  Last they used Desmos as well; students illustrated all of the graphing completed on their calculator on Desmos as well.  In a few weeks I plan to use the Desman project.  So our work today was introductory in preparation for that project.

**Plan originated with help from Kate at http://function-of-time.blogspot.com/;  she published three awesome blogs on absolute value.

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